Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The quickest, cheapest, smallest and bestest lunch spot in Florence: I don’t usually speak with such conviction about a restaurant but after going here after nearly every class I am fairly confident in my previously used adjectives (especially the dictionary word: bestest). I Due Fratellini serves up some amazing sandwiches in a little alley near the Duomo. Rumor has it that it’s the smallest restaurant in Florence and I believe it. I would basically categorize it as a food stand that happens to have a little bit of building behind it. During lunch the line is often winding throughout the alley. What sets this place apart from other panini places is the price and the quality. Each sandwich is 2.50 euro and the bread and toppings are absolutely delicious. The beautifully fluffy, soft, warm bread is unlike any other panini place I have been to in Florence. At other places I find that the bread can be a bit too salty, crunchy and oily. At I Due Fratellini they have really perfected the sandwich while offering quick and friendly service. Be sure to stop by if you find yourself in Florence! 

More pictures and reviews: TripAdvisor (I swear they don’t pay me)
Address: Via dei Cimatori 38/rFlorenceItaly

Monday, October 10, 2011

French Food Envy: My parents just got back from France and took tons of pictures. Here are a few of their meals that make me seriously jealous. Let’s just take a moment to drool over that oozing chocolate dessert. All of the food looks so fresh and colorful. Take me, please!