Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Drunkard Spaghetti": Last night I pulled an “Eat, Pray, Love” and went out to dinner alone. All of my friends were either out of town or busy and I was starving. Because takeout isn’t really a thing here, I decided to eat somewhere close (I have a sinus infection so walking far didn’t sound too appetizing). After reading up on TripAdvisor (I’m practically an ad for them at this point) I settled on Osteria De’Benci. What really sold me were pictures of their “Spaghetti Dell’Ubriacone” or “Drunkard Spaghetti” - a deep red dish that looked slightly unappetizing but sounded amazing. After reading a few more reviews, I was off. When I arrived I asked for a table for 1 and sat down. As I looked through the menu I spotted the reason why I came - spaghetti cooked in red wine with garlic and hot pepper (I got mine without the hot pepper because I recently experienced what it’s like to have your mouth on fire for a good 10 minutes). When my beautiful burgundy pasta arrived I couldn’t wait to try it. I dug in and was met with so many different flavors - garlic, olive oil, herbs and, of course, wine. This dish was unlike anything I have ever eaten and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a break from the standard Italian pasta dishes. Molto bene! 

It was also a really nice experience eating alone. My dinner lasted around an hour and was relaxing, refreshing and I was able to appreciate the food a lot more. I recommend this restaurant and treating yourself to a solo dinner every now and then.

Osteria De’Benci
Via de’ Benci 11/13/rFlorenceItaly